Free online help with the grade 10 literacy test: TVOntario's Eureka! Ask a Teacher

(Toronto, Oct. 02, 2001) The all-important standardized grade 10 literacy test is just around the comer! TVOntario's Eureka! Ask a Teacher interactive Web site provides practice questions and walks students trough the grammar and literacy issues covered by the test, such as spelling, sentence structure, and essay writing. The site is an easy and fun way for students to learn, assess how ready they are, or review what they know. Students who do not own a computer can use Eureka! Ask a teacher at their local libraries.

In addition to help with literacy, students in all grades can find teachers trained to answer their homework questions from Sunday to Thursday evenings between 6:30 and 8:30. Eureka! Ask a Teacher connects students with teachers in real time through an innovative electronic whiteboard. This state-of-the-art application enables students and teachers to communicate using diagrams and other graphic illustrations, as well as through text, as they would on a chalkboard in the classroom.

Unlike other tutorial Web sites, Eureka! Ask a Teacher provides direct access to a teacher, is completely free, is specifically tailored to the Ontario curriculum, and features no commercial advertisements.

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