This Year's Reading Selection:

Another Kind of Cowboy
by: Susan Juby

The Blue Helmet
by: William Bell

The Droughlanders
by: Carrie Mac

The End of the World as We Know It
by: Lesley Choyce

by: Heather Waldorf

Keturah & Lord Death
by: Martine Leavitt

The Song of Kahunsha
by: Anosh Irani

The Space Between
by: Don Acker

The Warrior's Daughter
by: Holly Bennett

by: Guy Gavriel Kay



White Pine Readers at Streetsville SS

We have a winner!!!

You have spoken, Streetsville, and your votes have been counted! This year's top reading pick for White Pine is....


gristby: Heather Waldorf

Also, come and hear last year's winner, Eric Walters, when he comes to Streetsville SS on Thursday, May 29th

Other top choices include:

Keturah and Lord Death (3rd place)

bookby Martina Levitt


Droughtlanders (2nd place)

[droughtlanders.jpeg]by: Carrie Mac