“Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious...”

-Michael Stipe



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Using APA Citations

Using MLA Citations



Streetsville SS Library has a variety of research resoures to help you find information for research projects, assignments, course work or general knowledge. Here are some useful links to help you in your research jouney:

These databases are accessible from the Board's "Student  Intranet Homepage" (http://homest.peel.edu.on.ca/) under the heading "Digital Library".

ACCESS FROM HOME or an "admin" computer:
Access the board "intranet" using your "P00…" login.  Select the tab "Schools" and scroll down to "Student Intranet Homepage".

If you need a range of resources on a topic such as books, newspapers, magazines, etc. use InfoTrac, Student Reference Center or Canadian Reference Center databases.

If you are looking for any information on History, Literature or authors, use Grolier Encyclopedia, Canadian Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Britannica.

If you are researching a social science topic, start with Grolier or Canadian Encyclopedia, and then refine your topic using the databases (InfoTrac, Student Reference Center or Canadian Reference Center).

To search IPAC for books and videos on the public acess catalogue that are in Streetsville's Library, click here.

InfoTrac Secondary - http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/ko_k12hs_d48
password: trillium (password required from home only)

15 searchable databases including

  • Discovering Collection (good for overviews, but limited in depth  (does have "primary sources" option)
  • Canadian Periodicals Index  (Use for senior level searches)
  • LegalTrac (American focussed though)
  • General Reference Center Gold (general interest from a variety of sources)
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (encyclopedias and specialized references for multidisciplinary research)
  • Health and Wellness Resource Centre (nearly 400 health/medical journals, reference volumes, 700 health videos, pamphlets and related articles)
  • National Newspaper Index (US National Newspaper Index)



  • Focuses on needs of secondary students
  • Access Globe and Mail articles
  • Provides citation examples for both APA and MLA
  • Organizes results by publication type (magazines, journals, news, etc)
  • "Full-Text" must be selected before searching  (some only include abstracts)
  • Can be translated into other languages

Canadian Reference Centre
username: pcbe            
password: pcbeebsco

  • Has visual search option
  • Subject or "tree" searches are a good way to explore topics
  • Toronto Star accessed through this database
  • Use for senior level searches
  • Ebsco Host (similar to InfoTrack and Knowledge Ontario)
  • Need to select "full-text"
  • Organizes results by publication type (magazines, journals, news, etc)
  • Canadian option available
  • Provides printable citations by MLA and APA
  • Some hits are only abstracts


Student Research Centre

  • Visually attractive and searches are easy to navigate to find information on your topic
  • Subject or "tree" searches are a good way to explore topics
  • Junior level searches should begin here
  • provides citation examples for both APA and MLA
  • organizes results by publication type (magazines, journals, news, etc)
  • "Full-Text" must be selected before searching as some results only show abstracts


Encyclopaedia Universalis (en Français)

username: peeldsb     
password: peel8567

  • Key word searches in French
  • French periodicals, articles and captions
  • Offers information on a wide range of topics and current events


DMOZ  http://www.dmoz.org/  (choose 'français' option)
French language research site


  • A  French language resource
  • Offers a wide range of links to other sites on your topic
  • Offers a wide range of topics
  • Use the French spelling of a word to find information


Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Encyclopedia *
Canadian Music Encyclopedia *
Feature Articles *
Youth Encyclopedia
Macleans Magazine
*available in French


  • A  French language resource is available on this page.  Choose the French option.
  • A broad overview of topics
  • A wide variety of topics
  • Excellent place to start research or for intermediate levels.

Grolier http://go-ontario.grolier.com/
   username: peeldsb
   password: peel8567

  • Intermediate and some senior sources
  • Use for broad overview

Statistics Canada
Estat http://estat.statcan.ca/
   Username: peelsb 
   Password: estat

  • Excellent for both statistics as well as lessons prepared to develop curriculum expectations in a variety of disciplines


New York Public Library Digital Gallery

  • Digital images of drawings, illuminated manuscripts, maps, photographs, posters, prints, illustrated books, etc.
  • Applied sciences, fine and decorative arts, history, performing arts, and social sciences.


Additional References are also available under the Boards "Digital Library" site on the Peel Intranet page.