"I've traveled the world twice over, 
Met the famous; saints and sinners, 
Poets and artists, kings and queens, 
Old stars and hopeful beginners, 
I've been where no-one's been before, 
Learned secrets from writers and cooks 
All with one library ticket 
To the wonderful world of books." 
~ Anonymous ~


Everything you need to know to be successful on the EQAO Literacy Test


EQAO Testing - March 2009

Please encourage students who may be writing the EQAO Literacy Test to put forth their best effort.  We are confident that our students are well prepared.  Students and staff will be provided with a snack during the break period.

The EQAO Literacy Test will be written in March 2009. It will test both reading and writing skills. Reading skills include the ability to find information in a passage, to comprehend the message in the passage and to make the conclusions based on the reading. In addition, students will be required to read and understand a graphic text passage (i.e. map, diagram or brochure). Students will be required to write a news report and a three paragraph opinion essay. Grammar, spelling and punctuation will be assessed through multiple choice questions, as well as their own writing


Students who need to write the Literacy Test will be required to participate in each of the following:

  • Focus Day Activities in each of their classes.
  • Mock Test  
  • Tutorials will also be available after school 2:34 to 3:30 p.m. in March for students looking for extra help from a supervising teacher.
  • Attendance on these days is essential to a successful outcome.

Links for Literacy Preparation

On-line Practice

This site will provide on-line practice using sample literacy test questions.
Answers are also provided so you can check your own work.

An excellent site that will provide on-line practice for the skills being tested on the Literacy Test


Other Programs Available at Streetsville:

"Reading and Writing Achievement"
is available to sign out at the Library.
This is a user-friendly computer program that provides a tutorial for each of the test questions on the literacy test. You will have the opportunity to practice the reading and writing activities on your own time.

Counting on You
is available by contacting Mr. Petrov or Mrs. DeBartolo at Streetsville. Mr. Petrov offers remedial help in reading, writing and math. The program is specifically designed to help students who are at risk of not meeting the new curriculum standards and passing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Tutorials will also be available after school in March for students looking for extra help from a supervising teacher. Listen for announcements.