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Mr. Dinner's parents always knew he was different.. .

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Video #1 - Countach Replica - This clip is about 2.5 MB in size.

Dinner Driving a Chassis with a BMW V-12

Dinner Driving a Diablo Replica I

Dinner Driving a Diablo Replica II

Features of the Diablo Replica

Dinner Driving a Diablo 

Cool Diablo Burnout

Diablo Test Drive

This is an Air Bag Exploding

Inside a VW GTI 5 Speed Transmission.

This is how the gears, synchronizers and shafts are assembled..   Click Here

Operation of the sliding roof on the 355spider replica   

Tail lights on 355spider replica - LED lights from a truck!

Here are instructions in video format on how to operate our new car hoist. Do not use it unless you have been instructed on how to operate it.  (no sound in this clip)

Operating the Hoist

Funny Automotive Phone Scam - You should have taken AUTO in school !! Sound Only

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