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Here is a list of the handouts. Just click the title and print it at home

Practical Projects for Students

Grade Ten                                                   

Major Assignment Expectations Grade Ten

Hard As Steel Project

Mouse Trap Racers

Sample Job 'Write-Up'

All Grades

Alternator Disassembly Questions

Starter Disassembly Questions

Carburetor Disassembly Questions

Aluminum Polishing Process

Oil Change and Routine Inspection Form

Under-Hood Inspection

Under-Car Inspection

Servicing Wheel Bearings

The Lubrication System

Wheels and Tires

Safety Inspection Check List

Servicing Disc Brakes

Disc Brake Components

Servicing Drum Brakes

Disassemble and Reassemble a 4 Cycle Engine

Basic Valve Train Components

Four Cycle Engine Components

Four Cycle Engine Chart

Grade 11 Written Assignments

Sample Job 'Write-Up'

Major Assignment Expectations Grade Eleven    

'Buying A Car Assignment' Grade Eleven        

Practical Job Lists for each grade level. The "Write Ups" must be structured the same as this sample

All Practical Jobs

Practical Job List Grade Ten 

Practical Job List Grade Eleven

Practical Job List Grade Twelve

The Grade Ten Mouse Trap Project Hand Outs