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Grade 10 Chapter 5

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


Which of the following is not one of the safety rules that apply when working with gasoline?
Always use approved containers for storage.
Soak up any spills with an oil absorbent.
Keep any source of heat away from the fuel system.
Disconnect the vehicle's battery before starting work.


Which of the items listed below is not a potential explosion hazard?
Oil pan.
Empty fuel tank.
Welding gas cylinders.


An air bag is being replaced in a vehicle. Technician A says that the bag should be carried with the metal housing pointing downward. Technician B says the metal housing should be pointed away from your body. Who is right?
A only.
Both A and B.
B only.
Neither A nor B.

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.


Asphyxiation is caused by breathing toxic substances in the air.


Accidents seldom result from breaking safety rules.


The safety catch on a hydraulic lift must be engaged before you work under the vehicle.


You should always have your instructor demonstrate potentially dangerous equipment before you try to use it.


There are only three basic kinds of accident¾fires, electrical shock, and physical injuries¾ that are likely to happen in an auto repair shop.


Always pull vehicles through shop doors slowly and carefully to make sure they will clear the bottom of the raised door.


If you use power tools carefully, wearing eye protection usually is not necessary.


Dust from brake shoes should be blown off parts with compressed air.


An electric-powered tool should never be used unless the plug has a functional ground prong.

Complete each statement.


Power tools must always be used with any safety _______________________________ in place.



Asbestos dust from clutches or brakes can cause _______________________________ cancer if breathed in.



To prevent _______________________________ fires, always disconnect the vehicle battery when instructed to do so in the service manual.



Before raising a camper or truck on a(n) _______________________________, be sure to check ceiling clearance.



A small work area in the shop is called a(n) _______________________________.



Hold a shop rag around the _______________________________ when disconnecting a fuel line to prevent spills.



Wear a(n) _______________________________ whenever you are doing work that will create dust or other airborne impurities.



In the toolroom, a painted _______________________________ may be used to indicate where a tool is kept.


Short Answer


What should you do if you notice an unsafe condition in the shop?


List the six types of accidents identified in this chapter.


Describe the proper method for safely lifting a heavy object.

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