Stage Crew 2008/2009

Stage Crew Events 2008-2009




Oct 17th


Alyssa, Katherine, Petra

Nov. 11th

Remembrance Day

Anna, Amrita

Nov. 23rd  to Nov. 28th

Drama Showcase       *   **

Justine, Petra, Haya, Katherine

Dec. 11th

Music Night                    **

Shannel, Chantel

Dec. 17th and 19th

Talent Show

Jordane, Jasmine

Jan. 15th

Grade 8 Parents Night     **

Tina, Olga

Feb. 4th

Grade Assembly

Brooke, Emilie

Feb. 5th

Grade Assembly


Feb ????

Black History Assembly

Katherine, Alyssa

Feb. 26th

Coffee House                 **

Anna, Amrita

May 3rd to 9th

Drama Showcase      *    **

Shannel, Chantel, Alisha, Tina

May 20th and 22nd

Talent Show

Jordane, Petra

May 27th

Grade 8 Orientation

Justine, Emilie


Unscheduled Assembly 1

Haya, Petra, Katherine


Unscheduled Assembly 2

Jasmine, Brooke,


Unscheduled Assembly 3

Aman, Maureen

* Drama Showcase requires a commitment of 7 full days starting on a Sunday through to the following Saturday night.

** There are late nights so you will require a ride home around 9:00 or 10:00 pm.


If you can not commit to the event, please arrange to SWITCH with someone from the NEXT event.


If you want to be considered a BACK UP  (someone that can do ANY of the events above) please see Mr. Dinner.


This list can be found on the school website by going this route;
> streetsvillesecondary .com >
> departments and clubs >
> stage crew.