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 Where are we?

 Who are we?

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Where are we?

Science Office

It is in the northwest corner of the school, between the business office and 109. If you enter from the main doors of the school, we are at the back right corner.

When can I talk to my teacher?

Check with your teacher about availability or scheduling some time for help.

How do I find my teacher?

Enter science office...Ring the bell (ONCE!)...Call out your teacher's name...Wait for a response.

Who are we?

Ms. Cation - Grade 10 Science; Grade 11 Chemistry

Ms. MacLellan - Grade 10 Science; Grade 12 Biology

Mr. Debenedetti - Grade 9 Science

Grade 12 Physics

Mr. Moniz - Grade 10 Science; Grade 12 Chemistry

Mrs. Mir - Grade 9 Science; Grade 11 Physics

Grade 9 Science; Grade 10 Science

Ms. Charbonneau - Grade 9 French immersion Science

Contact Information

Contact main office [ (905) 826-1195 ] and ask to be transferred to science.

Academic Contests

Streetsville has a long history of participating in and placing well in science contests and competitions. Listen to announcements for any current contests and competitions.

Biology - U of T Biology Contest

Chemistry - Avogadro; Chem13 News

Physics - Sir Isaac Newton

Last Revised: September 12, 2006