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This is a Google Calendar of Events for Streetsville Secondary School for 2011/2012.

Details for saving this calendar can be found at the bottom of this page.


Every EVEN numbered day is a DAY 2, every ODD numbered day is a DAY 1


Google Calendar

If you sign up for a free Google Calendar by clicking here. You will be able to download this entire calendar to your own computer or device.

This will work for Outlook, iPhone, Blackberry, Apple iCal, Palm and any other smart phone device.

If you only want certain events, simply click on those events and choose "copy to my calendar".

If you want to download the entire calandar and add it to your own, click here or right click, then save target/link as, then direct your calendar to that saved file.


In the event of technical problems performing this operation I will TRY to help. Please email me at