About Us

We have a support team of two teachers and four educational resource facilitators (E.R.F.s) ready to provide aid for homework and liaise between our students and classroom teachers. The two teachers, Mr Thomas Merk and Miss Jennifer Jeffery, also teach a Special Education course containing information on social skills, sexual education, public health, and 'life skills', known as G.L.E. (Guidance: Learning Exceptionalities). This course is for all grades and also provides a structured unit of time in which to 'catch up' on homework. Some of our students have no need for social skills training, but do need homework time: for those, a work period is provided, in lieu of a G.L.E. class.

Our Teachers

Mr Thomas Merk

Merk, as he is universally known, is a true fac totum: a man of many talents. In addition to being Special Education, he is one of the soccer coaches at the school, and a fine athlete. He is an alumnus of Streetsville Secondary School. Mr Merk's notable accomplishments for the Programme include the introduction of (not purely didactic) excursions, and a steady source of income in the form of foosball and air-hockey tables located in the school 'caff'.

Mrs Gail Robinson [The New Old!]

After having taken an alternate position (Contact 119) at our school for one year, Mrs Robinson is back teaching G.L.E.! She is a highly experienced teacher and was also the teacher for G.L.E. before the arrival of Mrs Jeffery.

Our E.R.F.s

In addition to our teachers, we have four Education Resource Facilitators:

Mrs Ulfat Abdul-Rahim

Mrs Nancy Saunders-DiStaulo - name change

Mrs Bonita Hueber - replacing Miss Kelly Gibson

Miss Milena Pingol