Our Support

We aim to assist students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in whatever way possible, in order to help them reach their goals. This includes a gentle transition from a fully-structured environment to unstructured post-secondary life. Methods to achieve this include:

During our Learning Strategies class, board games are played sporadically, to allow students with a fondness for such things to unwind and relax, and also to provide a paedagogical medium. The teachers play, too! Games have included Pictionary, Cranium, and Trivial Pursuit.

Learning Strategies, or Learning Exceptionalities, is what we call our support class for autistic students. Although it is slotted in as a full class, only a part of it is reserved for teaching. It is a tailored class: the unit is devised for those students who attend the class. Therefore, units may vary. However, four areas are almost universally focused on: strategies for success in later life (more of interest to senior students), sexual health, personal hygiene, and social skills. Classes usually have fewer than eight students, and are very laid-back. A credit is given for the class, which means a final assessment is also used; marks are given.