Our Programme

"Helping to put the puzzle together one piece at a time"

The Regional Transition Programme is a Special Education programme provided by the Peel District School Board in order to provide a bridge for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to cross from a fully-structured environment to a standard class-room setting. Established in 2001, the "Programme" aims to provide a transition that is as gentle as possible. The Programme is fully integrated, with a maximum of twenty-four students. There is a low student-to-support ratio (6:1).

The support room is open throughout the school day. The only exception is on 'Fun Fridays', between 10.45 and 11.15, and between 12.00 and 12.30. This is a recent innovation, having been inaugurated only on the 15th of May this year by Mr Thomas Merk and the consensus of the rest of the support team, visible on the About Us page. This was done to encourage the fostering of bonds between our students and the student body at large. The support room for the Programme (room 150), which includes a small lunch-room, quiet space, and computer access, remains open to students requiring assistance or doing work; however, the room is also used for relaxing in and for lunch.

Starting this year, excursions have also been devised by the support team. Activities last year have included shopping at Square One, bowling, arcade gaming at the Playdium, and attending performances at both a theatre and a cinema. We have also participated in the High Ropes course, and visited the St Lawrence Market. More serious excursions have centred on sexual education (on which a unit in Learning Exceptionalities, our Special Education class, was taught) and on Transit Training. The great majority of our excursions have utilised public transit as transportation, which had a didactic purpose.