For each update of this site, Nick Matavka will note the changes in this log for handy reference. This site is the personal project of the administrator, and so it will be updated even when school is out. Watch this space for improvements!

08 September 2009

After a long two months of summer, the administrator, Nick Matavka, has released the all-new edition of the Regional Transition Programme Web site! The changes, in summation, are the addition of this log page, the redecoration of Room 150, and the arrival and departure of two of our cherished Staff members: Mrs Bonita Huber has replaced Miss Kelly Gibson, and Mrs Gail Robinson has returned to replace Ms Jennifer Jeffery. Mrs Saunders-DiStaulo now wishes to be known as Mrs Saunders. The R.T.P. Room has been 'spruced up' and things have been moved around yet again. A new 'reading room' link has been added, which contains several useful resources on Autistic and Asperger's Disorders.