Grade 11 Assignment    ...                                             

 So, you want to buy a car……….

 In this project you will make a presentation in class outlining the process and chain of events you followed during your investigation into buying a car. 

You must document every step of the process. This is going to be YOUR car so you are responsible for all costs.

 The following points must be present in your report.

1)     New or used car. Why?

2)     As is or a certified car?

3)     Emission tested or not?

4)     Type of manufacturer. Why?

5)     Model of car. Why?

6)     Colour of car. Why?

7)     Type of transmission – Automatic or standard.

8)     Engine size. Why?

9)     Price of car including licensing and taxes.

10) Modifications YOU want. Stereo, amp, subs, engine modifications, lights, rims, etc. Calculate the cost of each item and location of purchase.

11) Car payments. Calculate to the penny per month.

12) Cost of insurance for YOU as a primary driver. Calculate to the penny per month.

13) What is the rated fuel economy for your vehicle?

14) Calculate the cost of operating your vehicle on a monthly basis (bank loan, insurance) to and from school. Find out how many kilometers it is from your home to the school and back and do not forget to add in an oil-change every two months. Work with gasoline at 75 cents per litre.

This project involves calling many people in the community. Keep in mind that some of these contacts will be people you need to meet with in the near future.

Places you need to call;


Insurance Company

Car lots - new and used

Leasing Company

Performance Shop

Local Garage – maintenance costs, oil change cost, certification cost, emission test, tune up.

When you get a job, how much per hour will you need to receive to operate your car?

_____/50                                             Due Date: _________________