Aluminum Wheel Refinish Process

Step 1) Remove all clearcoat finish with Lepages Poly Strippa Paint Remover.

Step 2) Wet sand any imperfections with 1000 grit paper. If you have heavy pitting, for example, where a wheel weight used to be, you can sand it with 120 grit then 600 then 1000 grit. This will remove all the pitting.

Step 3) Polish with Jacksonlea polish brick and a low speed polishing grinder.

Step 4) Polish by hand with regular aluminum polish. Any kind will do at this point, all the hard work is done and you are just giving it high buff polish now.

Step 5) Stand back and admire your work

The first 3 pictures show the condition of the wheel before I started. Note the pitting from previous wheel weight and note how it does not shine anymore

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A representative from Jacksonlea came right to our school to give us a demonstration of how their product works. It is truly magic before your eyes.