Disassemble and Reassemble


Before or during the disassembly of your starter you must locate and describe the function of the following components.

It is necessary to understand the location and function of these components to diagnose common starting problems.

  1. What and where are the brushes?
  2. What and where are the support bushings?
  3. Set up and test the armature on the 'Growler'.
  4. What is the function of the overrunning clutch?
  5. Why is it called the overrunning clutch?
  6. What are the two main functions of a starter solenoid?
  7. Locate and describe the field coils
  8. Test the armature for opens
  9. What makes the solenoid move?
  10. Perform a starter AMP draw test on a functioning car.
  11. How can you start a car with worn support bushings?

Answer these questions and become familiar with your starter. While your starter is STILL DISASSEMBLED I will ask you some questions related to the 10 items above.

In your write up you must identify and describe the components and functions of the above.