Servicing Wheel Bearings

Remove the hub from the vehicle.

Remove the outer bearing and attaching parts and place on the bench or in a container. Bearings must be returned to the original hub from which they came; it is important that they are not mixed up.

Remove the inner bearing. This usually requires the removal of the grease seal in the back of the hub. Often, the grease seal may be driven out by using a wooden dowel to remove the inner bearing. If the seal is damaged or shows signs of deterioration, replace it. Do not wash grease seals in solvent.

Clean the bearings, attaching parts, spindles and the hubs in the solvent tank. If compressed air is used for drying, be sure to wear safety glasses and do not spin the bearings with air. Inspect the bearings to determine if they may be reused.

Repack the bearings with approved grease. Place about three tablespoons of grease in the palm of your hand and press the bearing into the edge of it. After a few motions the grease will begin to come out the opposite edge of the bearing. Turn the bearing in your hand and continue packing until grease has come through on the entire opposite edge. Alternatively, grease in the dust cap.

use a wheel bearing-grease packer, if available.

Place a light coating of grease inside the hub. Do not apply more than 1/4" thickness as this may cause the hub to overheat.

Place the inner bearing back in its cone and install the grease seal.

Place the hub on the spindle and install the outer bearing. Install the washer and attaching nut. Do not tighten at this time.

Adjusting the Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearing adjustment is necessary to ensure the bearings do not run too loose or too tight.

Always spin the wheel while tightening the wheel bearings to assist in the alignment and to prevent any damage to the bearings. Tighten the adjusting nut according to the manufacturers recommended procedures. This will pre-load the bearings and allow the wheel to spin freely. A slight amount of side play may be felt if the wheel is rocked in and out at the top.

Install the cotterpin and dust cap. If it is necessary to adjust the nut to install the cotterpin always loosen the nut. Never tighten the nut to align the holes for the cotterpin. Do not put grease in the dust cap.