Sample Write Up

For: Mr Dinner

From: Bart Simpson

Date: January 1, 2000

Job Name: Remove and replace a water pump

Time required: 2 hours

Tools Needed:

3/8" Ratchet

1/2" Socket

3" extension

Standard Screw Driver


9/16" Wrench

1/2" Wrench


Job Description:

First I had to remove the battery ground cable. Next, I removed all the engine belts so that I could remove the pulley on the front of the water pump. Before I went any further I drained the cooling system into a clean pail so that it could be reused. Next I removed all the cooling hoses attaching to the water pump. I removed all 10 water pump mounting bolts with a 1/2" socket and saved the bolts in a can.

The water pump was then removed from the engine and cleaned. I made a new gasket and reinstalled the water pump. I had to tighten the 10 mounting bolts with a torque wrench to 45 foot pounds of torque. I then reinstalled the pulley and the engine belts. Next I connected all the cooling hoses and filled the cooling system with the clean coolant from the pail.


I reconnected the battery and tested the water pump on the car.

I pressure tested the cooling system to 15 PSI and checked for leaks. All tested OK.