Practical Job List - Grade Twelve

Your practical mark will reflect the completion and understanding of the jobs listed below. A "write up" similar to the sample sheet is due upon completing the job. NO practical marks will be granted without a "write up".

  1. Disassemble and reassemble a dash panel printed circuit
  2. Disassemble and reassemble a steering column (signal switch and tilt mechanism)
  3. Disassemble and reassemble a rear axle differential
  4. Disassemble and reassemble an engine or transmission
  5. Measure all internal engine parts for wear and 'out of round'
  6. Remove and reinstall a transmission
  7. Remove and reinstall a clutch (if available)
  8. Connect and diagnose a computer controlled engine fault code
  9. Remove and replace a distributor and pick up coil unit. Reset ignition timing.
  10. Remove and reinstall a timing belt, gear set or chain.
  11. Remove and reinstall a steering rack assembly
  12. Rethread a spark plug hole to accept an original spark plug.
  13. Diagnose a battery draining battery problem (set up by teacher)
  14. Remove and reinstall front wheel drive bearing assembly
  15. Make a cut-away display unit of an approved (by teacher) automotive component
  16. Many, many more...see the practical job list for all grades

Write-ups are required for these jobs.

You can email your write-ups to if you wish.