Practical Job List - Grade Ten

Your practical mark will reflect the completion and understanding of the jobs listed below. A "write up" similar to the sample sheet is due upon completing the job. NO practical marks will be granted without a "write up".

  1. Drill and thread a piece of steel. Any size hole will do.
  2. Flare a piece of tubing for brake lines conforming to Ministry standards.
  3. Make 2 gaskets. A) Cut with scissors or knife. B) Hammer cut gasket.
  4. Replace a spare tire with trunk tools only. (no shop tools)
  5. Dismount a tire from a rim and remount without cutting bead.
  6. Balance a tire
  7. Install a tire plug in a nail hole
  8. Remove and reinstall a wheel - torque to 95 ft lbs.
  9. Cooling system pressure test
  10. Radiator cap pressure test
  11. Test alternator voltage output.
  12. Charge a battery with battery charger
  13. Load test battery for condition
  14. Properly connect booster cables between 2 cars
  15. Clean and service battery connections
  16. Test and adjust tire pressures to recommended setting
  17. Jack up a car and position safety stands in correct location
  18. Properly position hoist pads on a car sub-frame
  19. Torch cut 2 pieces of steel
  20. Grind smooth steel after torch cutting
  21. Weld 2 pieces of steel together for strength. Arc Weld or MIG weld
  22. Remove and reinstall wiper blades and arms in correct position
  23. Properly perform a complete oil change and inspection - Handout
  24. Connect and read a secondary fault on an oscilloscope.
  25. Remove and replace front disc brake pads
  26. Remove and bench test a heater motor assembly
  27. Remove and replace a headlight and/or a tail light.
  28. Set up and machine a disc rotor. 
  29. Draw and label an entire valve train system (cam in block, over head valve)
  30. Draw and label a diagram showing all the basic internal engine parts.


Write-ups are required for these jobs only unless otherwise approved by Mr. Dinner.

You can email your write-ups to if you wish.