Major Assignment Expectations

Grade Ten


The topic is to be picked by you and approved by Mr. Dinner or Mr. Sintzel. Pick one that is interesting to you and will keep you interested. The topic must be centred on a Transportation device for land, sea, space, or air. It should be 1500 to 2000 words, typed, include three pictures and double-spaced. All pages should be numbered. Most word processors can automatically double space, add page numbers and count the words.

                   Cover Page: Must be presentable and professional looking in appearance. It must have one picture, a title, your name, Mr. Dinner's name, the date, and the course name (Transportation Technologies). All of these components should appear on the cover page

Table of Contents: Must include the locations of your three mandatory pictures and the key components within your assignment.

Pictures: These pictures can be technical in nature if you wish but all the pictures must have a description.

Bibliography: Tell me where you located your information (web-site, book, etc) what year it was published and the authors name.

Due Date:  ___________________


If you have any questions about this assignment please contact me.


Mr. Dinner