Hard As Steel


TTJ-2O0 Grade Ten Transportation Technologies


This project involves the construction of a Transportation device from one of the eight transportation categories. These include land, air, sea, and space travel in the forms of personal or mass transit.


By the end of this project you should have become familiar in the use and operation of the MIG welder, the torches, the angle grinder, bench grinder and wire wheel. Metal finishing is also a part of this project. Proper metal priming and painting will be also discussed.


Your job is to fabricate a transit device, in pairs or individually, using only steel parts welded together. Keep it small, less than 30 centimeters in length. The more detailed the better.


For the finishing of this project you should paint your device.

When I am marking this project I am looking for good clean welds, evidence of metal cutting, grinding, and finishing.


Please take your time and do a nice job. Take pride in your work.













Very Good

















Please hand in this sheet upon completion of your device. The chart above will be used to evaluate the quality of your work.









Due Date: December 1, 2000