Fiero to Ferrari 355 Project


Click Here for a Walk Around Video May 17, 2006

Test Drive after Paint Video May 24, 2004

It has come DSCF1576.jpg (91128 bytes)  a long way

September 6th, 2004

 Interior is starting to take shape. I need to do just a few more little details and I think it ready for the road.

I raised the front suspension by about 1 inch. Now a jack will fit under it.

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August 9th 2004

Finally painted the mirror shells and made some more emblems for the side. It is starting to look the way I way want it to.

The centre console window switch panel is the stock Fiero panel with a printed (photo paper) overlay then 

I applied Mirror Coat Epoxy on top of it to seal it inside.

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August 5th 2004

I am learning how to sew! So far I made both seats, the roof cover, the centre console and started on the door panels

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Pictures taken on May 24th, 2004 

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My front suspension bugs seems to solved. Pictures to come soon.

What I did was used coil over tubes and springs without a shock inside. It works great.

Aug 24/03

Finally figured out how the roof will work. Have a look

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roof 005.jpg (60147 bytes)roof 006.jpg (74504 bytes)roof 007.jpg (79851 bytes)roof 008.jpg (75675 bytes)

Aug 13/03

Just finished a coat of 2 part high build primer in yellow. (Just to see if I would like it).

All the lights and emblems are just sitting on the car for the pictures, lots of work to be done still.

Tom's Farewell 017.jpg (753668 bytes) Tom's Farewell 018.jpg (824108 bytes) Tom's Farewell 019.jpg (706192 bytes) Tom's Farewell 020.jpg (755392 bytes) Tom's Farewell 021.jpg (801624 bytes) 

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Aug 11/03

I flush mounted my marker lights after work today. I cut a hole in my fenders the size of the marker lights, 

then I used 'refrigerator film' (saran wrap/resonite) and taped it to the fender.

Then I taped the light into the position I wanted. Then I bondoed the inside to give it smooth shape.

Then I fiberglassed over everything on the inside to hold it all in place..turned out great.

Tom's Farewell 035.jpg (585528 bytes) Tom's Farewell 036.jpg (453796 bytes) Tom's Farewell 037.jpg (518456 bytes) Tom's Farewell 038.jpg (446872 bytes) Tom's Farewell 039.jpg (772728 bytes) Tom's Farewell 040.jpg (541640 bytes)

Aug 05/03

I had to fill all the holes in the engine cover and sand them back to a uniform shape. 

I used 1" Styrofoam cut into strips to act as plugs and body filled around them. 

I spent today wet sanding the car, starting to look good when it is wet.

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Coil-overs made and installed on the rear. Gas filler door working. Reshaped front fenders in front of the front tires

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9 Pictures below are of a real F-355 mechanism

  roof01.jpg (88950 bytes) roof02.jpg (59037 bytes) roof03.jpg (70227 bytes) roof04.jpg (107248 bytes) 

roof05.jpg (110644 bytes) roof06.jpg (56849 bytes) roof07.jpg (85635 bytes) roof08.jpg (91085 bytes) roof09.jpg (87190 bytes)


I have been busy over the summer making the panels line up and look somewhat right.

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Front marker lights are from a 93 Honda Accord

If you are looking for an easy way to make the perfect gap between the body is the secret.

Buy some 'coreplas' from you local plastics dealer. It is the stuff that some election signs are made with. It is about 3/32" thick.

If you lay it in the groove on its side and body fill both sides of the 'coreplas' it will leave a perfect 3/32" gap. Wait until the filler is almost hard, about 4 minutes

Wiggle it free and then remove it. Sand across the gap, it works perfect!  

If you can't find coreplass, plexiglass works great too, just more expensive.

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After much thought we developed a double pivot point hood hinge made from angle iron and heavy flat bar. The front hood now opens straight up and then tilts forward.

The front fenders were so warped that there is no way they could have been installed. I was told this kit was a direct bolt on. After lining up the centre of the fenders with the centre of the wheels I found out the the fenders are 2 inches too short at the door.

I have solved the headlight problem that is common with these kits. The headlight will now open all the way and it uses the stock Fiero operator. Have a look, I opened the motor assembly and mounted it. Then I made everything else around it work. The headlights are custom made and really easy to adapt. Pictures soon.

ferrari0423 002.jpg (642315 bytes) ferrari0423 003.jpg (662799 bytes) ferrari0423 005.jpg (65800 bytes) ferrari0423 004.jpg (82439 bytes) ferrari0423 014.jpg (80757 bytes) ferrari0423 015.jpg (80516 bytes)

 I drilled a hole in the middle of the door and installed a bolt to act act as a puller. With a long bar on the outside and a small piece of angle iron on the inside of the door I was able to straighten it. I heated the door and then allowed it to cool. Then I added 2 layers of fiberglass to the inside to make it stay the correct shape. These 2 pictures show the difference. All this from a "bolt on" kit - way too much fun!!

DSCF1588.jpg (85695 bytes) Before               D-Force 002.jpg (158563 bytes) During

ferrari0423 001.jpg (75061 bytes) ferrari0423 007.jpg (71565 bytes) ferrari0423 008.jpg (76617 bytes) ferrari0423 009.jpg (78729 bytes)

Real 355 Below

ferarri 013.jpg (52628 bytes) ferarri 007.jpg (66289 bytes) ferarri 008.jpg (77543 bytes) ferarri 014.jpg (73034 bytes) ferarri 016.jpg (62120 bytes)

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