Disassemble and Reassemble


Before or during the disassembly of your carburetor you must locate and describe the function of the following components.

It is necessary to understand the location and function of these components to diagnose internal fuel system problems.

  1. What and where is the venturi?
  2. What and where are the throttle plates?
  3. What and where are the choke plates?
  4. What and where is the accelerator pump?
  5. What and where is the float (s)?
  6. What and where are the needle and seat?
  7. Locate the fast idle cam and adjustment.
  8. Locate the fuel/air mixture adjustment screws.
  9. How do you set the idle on your carburetor?
  10. What would happen if the needle and seat had dirt lodged in it?

Answer these questions and become familiar with your carburetor. While your carburetor is STILL DISASSEMBLED I will ask you some questions related to the 10 items above.

In your write up you must identify and describe the components and functions of the above.