Transportation Technologies Mouse Trap Car Project

This project will let you explore and build a transporter to carry a payload accurately between two points

The transporter will be made from recycled materials mainly. Some new materials may be used only if they are in the 'approved' list of materials.


An earthquake has occurred and a building has collapsed. It was assumed that the building was empty at the time, however, a child has been found under the first floor of the building. The child is unharmed but in need of food. The only access to the child is through an old hallway with a clearance of 30 centimeters and a width of 30 centimeters. The child is approximately 6 meters away from the entrance.

Your assignment is to build a vehicle to transport portions of food to the child. The problem is you have a limited supply of materials to construct this vehicle.

In-School Challenge:

A distance and speed competition will take place on the due date specified. The payload to be transported will be 2 eggs. Distances and speed will be measured as well as power.

Approved Materials:

Not Approved Materials:


Self, Peer and Teacher evaluation sheets will follow