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Every graduating student at Streetsville Secondary is made aware of scholarships and bursaries.   This information is in the Guidance Office on the "STUDENT INFO" Board for easy access and in the White Scholarship Binder. 

Students are encouraged to do their very best the first time they take a course.   Scholarship applications begin arriving in September and continue throughout the school year.  Students who repeat courses will be at a disadvantage when universities and colleges offer scholarships to eligible candidates.  Universities offer scholarships with admission and these are usually based solely on academic performance.   Specific scholarships, such as President's and Chancellor's, are separate applications and very high academic performance, community/ school involvement and leadership skills are essential for these outstanding awards.  In a student's high school career, involvement in extra-curricular activities will be advantageous when applying for scholarships and bursaries.   Bursaries are given based on financial need and often students can apply for these when they are registered in a university or college program.  OSAP is also available in late spring.

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Scholarship Information for College & University Applicants

  • Students requiring financial assistance should visit the websites of the Universities or Colleges to which they have applied. There are links to Financial Aid and Scholarships offered by these institutions on all of their sites. Applications and  additional information such as deadlines, criteria, etc. are available for downloading.


  • The cost of post-secondary education can be difficult to assess given the variance in tuition fees at colleges and universities that are specific to your program choices. If you plan to live on campus, the cost of residence can also vary depending on your choice meal plans, medical coverage, and the like. There are websites that can assist in this financial planning such as
  • Use the internet to examine sites such as those listed below. There are many others.

  • Information and applications for Government Loans and Bursaries can be obtained by applying for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Information is available at


  • Most financial institutions will offer Student Lines of Credit. For example:,1608,CID521_LIDen,00.html